Rock Exotica Aztek Elite Pulley Kit

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The Aztek Elite Pulley System from Rock Exotica is a unique multi-functional system, and a versatile tool for mechanical advantage rigging. The Aztek Elite can be rigged as either a 4:1 or 5:1 mechanical advantage system and has numerous uses.

Some examples are as an adjustable high directional for a belay line, pickoffs and aerial rescue, for litter scoop rigging and attendant tether, among others. The opposite end of the rope functions as an individual edge restraint system utilising the included travel restraint and screw link.

The AZTEK Omni Block pulleys keep loads oriented correctly when tensioned. The system is easily transported or swapped between users thanks to its pouch-style carry case.


• Swivel Omini pulleys 36 kN
• Prusik cord 19 kN
• Suitable for main or belay system rescue loads to 280 kg.