Ferno ArachniPOD - Advantage Kit

Brand: Ferno

Product Code: APOD-ADV+

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The Ferno ArachniPOD Advantage Tripod is packaged together with the Advantage Accessory Kit.  This system provides three stabilisation rigging points, a double-grooved pulley, two load attachment points and the versatility to configure more technical A-Frame systems.  

The ArachniPOD's uniquely designed head allows the legs to be quickly disconnected from each other to be able to store flat for compact storage and transportation. Each of the legs is supplied with an upgraded Standard #2 Foot.


  • Rectangular, adjustable legs with leg pins
  • Two stainless steel swivel eye bolt anchor points
  • Each leg includes a stabilisation attachment point
  • The versatile Lazy Leg also functions as a Standard Leg
  • Stainless steel double-grooved pulley accommodates 8mm steel wire rope and fibre rope up to 13mm
  • Upgraded Standard feet suits both flat and uneven surfaces, pivot to adjust to ground variations and incorporate an aggressive non-slip tread pattern 


  • 1 x Transport Bag
  • 1 x Rope to secure the Feet and Rope Grab
  • 1 x Standard Leg which features rated load attachment points that swivel 360 degrees, along with an additional D-shackle attachment point for stabilisation rigging 
  • 1 x  Pulley Leg which incorporates a pulley designed to accommodate up to 13 mm fibre rope as well as up to 8 mm steel/stainless steel wire cable rope
  • 1 x Lazy Leg 2 which incorporates a swivelling, rated load attachment point, is used to in the formation of A-Frames and Gin/Mono Pole system
  • 1 x Lazy Leg Adaptor accessory which morphs the Lazy Leg into a Standard Leg  
  • 1 x Advantage Accessory Kit which includes the Kit Bag, 1 each Reverse Head, Gin Head, Rigging Plate, Quad Plate and 3 Spike Feet

The Advantage Tripod can be configured into

  • Tripod
  • A-Frame (Rigging Plate required - supplied)
  • Sideways A-Frame (Rigging Plate - supplied)
  • A-Frame with Lazy leg (Reverse Head and Quad Plate required - supplied)
  • Gin/Monopole (Lazy Leg and Gin Head required - supplied)
  • Handrail Recovery Monopole 


  • Max. Inside Clearance Height - 2671mm / 105"
  • Inside Feet Footprint - 2533mm / 99.7"
  • Configured Device Weight - 26 kg / 57 lb
  • WLL External Anchor Point - 400 kg / 880lb at max. height
  • Minimum Breaking Strength - 40kN
  • WLL Load Anchored to Leg - 220kg / 485lb
  • Certification - Certified in 3 and 4 leg configurations to CEN/TS 16415:2013 for max 2 persons and EN 795:2012 for single person use

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