Ferno Confined Space Rescue Pulley Kit 4:1

Brand: Ferno

Product Code: FWE-CSRK

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The Confined Space Rescue Pulley Kit from Ferno is designed for multi-purpose uses including, Rescue, Confined Space entry and egress, Work positioning, Working at Height, Ascent plus controlled descent, also as a main or secondary rescue system.

The Kit's 4:1 ratio mechanical advantage allows the operator to reduce the load by a factor of 4, also with a manual override for descent.

Included in the kit is 50 meters of rope which allows for an approximate working length of 12 meters for lowering or lifting.


  • Heavy Duty Rope Bag
  • 50 meters of Rope MBS: 29.4kN
  • Components certified to ANSI Z359:4:2007; EN 12278
  • WLL: 250 kg maximum - 1 person working or 2 person rescue
  • Product Code -  FWE-CSRK