ISC RED Back Up Device Rope Grab

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The RED Back Up Device from ISC is a simple, high performance back up device suitable for use by Rope Access technicians.

The RED's cams have a positively locking spring, which means that the device is self-parking rather than self-tailing. The RED uses 'Rotational Braking' which means the device rotates clockwise creating friction and resistance, which then results in very effective automatic braking in the event of a sudden pull on the cows-tail which might occur during a main line failure.  

The Popper Version has a breakaway release clip, which provides a secondary attachment point for the tow cord. When used during normal positioning activity, this secondary attachment point allows the user to tow the device directly downwards. In a panic situation, the popper clip is designed to release under load whilst mitigating against uncontrolled towing of the device.

The RED Back Up Device is tested with 240kg and is suitable for back up rescue loads. Two versions are available - Popper Cord or Fixed Cord   


  • Rope - 10.5 to 11mm
  • WLL - 240Kg
  • Weight - 160g
  • Finish - Anodised Red
  • Cam Material - Aluminium