Skylotec Skysafe Pro Flex Y 1.8m Elasticised Lanyard

Brand: Skylotec

Product Code: L-AUS-0595-1,8

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The Skylotec Skysafe Pro Flex Y 1.8m Lanyard 60mm Twin Hook with Snap Hook has a Revolutionary, new energy absorber that always withstands a maximum impact of less than 6 kN. The final impact resistance of 22kN,also in the absorber, before AND after a fall is exceptional as well.

At the anchorage end of the Skylotec Skysafe Pro Flex range there is a unique rescue loop that exposes after a fall. This can reduce the rescue time of a fallen worker by more than & up to to Half the amount of time it would usually take.

The Skylotec Skysafe Pro Flex range also has elasticated lanyards, reducing the overall length to 1.15m whilst not stretched out. The Skylotec Skysafe Pro range complies with AS:NZS 1891.1: 2007 standards.


  • 23mm Double action Snap Hook
  • 1.8m Elasticated Lanyard
  • Skysafe Pro Shock Absorber
  • 2 x 60mm Steel Scaffold Hooks
  • Weight -2.7kg
  • Webbing - Polyester

  • L-AUS-0562-1,8