Skylotec Ergogrip Adjuster 300mm Extension Strap 12mm Kernmantle Rope

Brand: Skylotec

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The Skylotec Ergogrip Adjuster 300mm Extension Strap is a length-adjustable fall arrest device & is used for safe and flexible work positioning.

It can be used as a shuttle type fall arrest device or even as a guy rope. 
Used as a restraining system it can prevent a fall & even arrest a fall.

The 12mm Kernmantle core sheathed rope can withstand heavy loads. It is edge proof, abrasion resistant & also remains soft and flexible if there is moisture around. 
Also there is a 60mm Steel Scaffold hook on the rope end to be used for anchoring off
This kit comes in a variety of lengths so please choose according to your application or field of work or play.