Skylotec Jackpod Davit Set Optional Winch

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Flexible fall protection for working in confined spaces is now
easier than ever with the new JACKPOD davit arm and tripod
systems by SKYLOTEC. The portable systems require only a
small working base area and are easy to transport and store
thanks to their low weight and volume. High-quality finished
aluminium and galvanised steel offer high ageing resistance.
Both systems are certified as anchor points according to
EN 795, class B with a maximum load capacity of 280 kg
(for up to 2 persons with a weight of 140 kg each) and can
be combined with winches and fall arrester devices.
Surveys and analyses of trade associations continually attest
that many accidents in companies occur at dangerous works
that are caused by negligence or insufficient risk assessments.
This especially applies to “confined spaces”, because the term
itself is often not accurately defined. Authorities may be trained
in expert seminars in order to execute appropriate assessments.
When working in confined spaces like containers, silos or tanks,
there are diverse risk potentials. The employers are obliged to
make the right arrangements for the safety of their staff.

The swivelling Jackpod Davit Sets can be used vertically.

With a few additional elements the system is also attachable
To walls, tanks or other entrances.
A simple plug-in mechanism allows quick and purposeful
These attachments are all available upon request as we do not usually stock them.
There are two lengths of winches available for use with the Jackpod Davit, these being Winch 1 (18 m stainless steel cable and carabiner) & winch 2 (45 m stainless steel cable and carabiner). Each winch will come with the correct mounting bracket for the Jackpod Davit Arm in order for easy installation.
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Total Heights for Davit Arms:
Set 1 - 2186-2416 mm
Set 2 - 2490-2720 mm
Set 3 - 2491-2711 mm
Set 4 - 2795-3015 mm