Skylotec Skyboard X Safety Harness Work Seat

Brand: Skylotec

Product Code: G-0207

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The Skyboard X from Skylotec is an ergonomically shaped and padded seat board and is the right solution for working at heights using rope access equipment for extended periods. The Skyboard X provides high comfort without crushing your thighs whilst sitting for extended periods of time, and provides the much needed support for solid positioning.

The additional gear loops make it possible to bring tools and work utensils along when doing tasks such as turbine blade maintenance, tree care, window plus facade cleaning, fire and emergency uses. The seat board simply needs to be adjusted to the right length and then fastened using the two super-light parachute karabiners on sit harnesses like the IGNITE NEON or IGNITE ARB. A rear snap is used to attach the board to the harness when not in use so that it is not getting in the way.


  • Increased ergonomic comfort and improved sitting
  • Easy to clip onto the sit harness
  • Additional gear can be attached.
  • Weight 1.95 Kg