Tool Strops - Webbing and Harness Accessories, DROPS

Brand: Ferno

Product Code: VARB-TS T/A 1200

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Ferno offer standard tool strops (tool lanyards) as well as elasticised and tearaway versions.

The tearaway strop is constructed with a safety strap that is designed to absorb the force or shock load of a chainsaw. The safety strap will begin to tear when approximately 30 kg or greater of force is applied. Tool strops/lanyards are also available in an elasticised version that reduces the length of the strop. 

  • VARB TS 900 Tool Strop Basic 900mm Blue 
  • VARB TS 1200 Tool Strop Basic 1200mm Red 
  • VARB TS 900 EL Tool Strop Basic Elastic 900mm Blue 
  • VARB TS 2LL Tool Strop 2 Loop 1200mm Red
  • VARB TS MINI Tool Strop Basic Mini Blue
  • VARB TS T/A 900 Tool Strop Tearaway 900mm Blue
  • VARB TS T/A 1200 Tool Strop Tearaway 1200mm Red
  • VARB TS T/A EL Tool Strop Tearaway Elastic 1200mm Red

Tool Strops Size: 

  • Tool Strop Tearaway 1200 mm Red
  • Tool Strop Tearaway 900 mm Blue
  • Tool Strop Tearaway Elastic 1200 mm Red