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Falls From Height - Fatalities In The Aussie Workplace

Falls From Heights - Fatalities

Working at Heights

The construction industry, unlike other industries, exposes its workers to a high number of risks and hazards; slips, trips & falls, injuries from moving large objects, hearing loss due to the ear-splitting noise, electrical hazards, dangerous & poisonous chemicals/fumes and most importantly - falling from heights.

More often than not, falls at height result in death, permanent disability & immobility or some serious life threatening injuries.

From July the 1st, 2003 to June the 30th, 2011, a total of 232 workers’ lives were lost as a result of a fall from a height. This figure includes four workers who died from falls following an explosion and two workers who fell when an object knocked them over and caused them to fall from where they were standing at a height. Needless to say, one of the most common causes of serious work related injuries and deaths is that of falling from a height. Having said that, it must be noted that workers have a right to a safe, secure workplace. Therefore, the importance of top quality products and safety measures taken whilst working at heights is pretty much incalculable and cannot be stressed enough.

Everybody wants to go home after work to see their family & friends that they work so hard to ensure that they can keep these loved ones safe, warm & secure. The sad part is, without the correct fall protection gear or fall arrest systems in place whilst working at height then it only takes a split second for an accident to occur and someone might not be going home to see their loved ones that night. Always have the right tools & height safety gear for the job at hand.

Here at Height Safety Central, our customers are our priority and our state of the art, cutting edge products are designed just to prevent unfortunate occurrences such as falls from taking place. Prevention is better than cure!

Summarised below are some preventive measures that are recommended to be taken in situations where such hazards are associated with workplaces:

  • Use of a railing, toe-board, or a floor hole cover to cover every floor hole in the area where the worker is actively working.
  • Make a guard rail and toe-board available around every raised open sided runway, platform or floor.
  • Whatever the height may be, if there is a chance the worker may fall into or onto dangerous machines or construction equipment, they must be equipped with guardrails and toe-boards in order to prevent injuries from occurring.
  • Additional means of fall protection that are required and must be acquired include safety harness and lanyard, fall arrest blocks, emergency lighting, safety nets, the correct safety helmet, stair railings and hand rails.
  • As well as an essential fall protection device being used such as a full body harness or a pole strap, there should also be fall arrest & fall restraint systems in place to prevent the potential fall from even being able to happen such as temporary lifeline’s & mobile anchors being set up whilst workers are in the vicinity.
  • Height Safety Central also has an amazing range of rescue equipment including emergency rescue & descent devices including the Skylotec Milan 2.0 Descent Device which is unmatched worldwide with a 0.9m per second descent rate!

Height Safety Central specializes in producing top notch safety gear for all construction & recreational climbing needs. Workers’ safety is imperative to us and we make sure we produce the right products to ensure complete customer satisfaction and protection. Our top sellers include but are definitely not limited to;

Fall Protection - Our primary line of products include Full Body harnesses, lower body harnesses, Fall arrest blocks, Tool lanyard, inertia reels, lanyard and pole strap, safety helmets, rope fall arrest devices etc., to name a few.

Rope access - Rope Access Harness equipment like full body harnesses, rigging gear, ropes and slings, ascender and descender, karabiners, bosun chairs, climbing helmets to prevent head injuries and additional bags and accessories.

Rescue Kits - If an unfortunate event or accident is likely to occur, our premium rescue kits should be helpful. We offer pulley systems, evacuation device kits, lighting for when and if the light goes out and other rescue devices etc.

Climbing harness - Climbing harness is essential to safe climbing practices. It is of paramount importance that the workers should be equipped with top quality climbing gear so that they may return to the ground safely. Height Safety Central provides quintessential climbing harness for its customers.

Safety harness - As the name suggests, safety harness is a protective equipment that ensures the wearer’s safety. Helmets, full body harness etc. All fall under the category of Safety Harness equipment.

Confined space harness - Confined spaces is a term that is used to describe areas which are not intended for or suitable for man to reside in for a long time. In order to facilitate entry and survival in spaces such as in tanks, manholes etc. Height Safety Central provides gear like the full body harnesses.

Our products are created keeping in mind the vicious environment that construction sites are. We aim to provide maximum protection to our customers through our carefully designed products and not compromising on quality.

Stay safe!



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