Did you know that as of December, 164 Australian workers have fallen victim to fatality at work in 2016? Deaths on construction sites are a common occurrence that have long been overlooked. Here at Height Safety Central, we realize the importance of safety gear in the fatal environments that construction sites might be. Construction workers are exposed to all sorts of hazards and risks while at work and so, they ought to be protected against any and all hazards involved. We do not function to solely gain, but to provide customers with the safety that they have a right to. Height Safety Central is an online retailer based in Sydney, Australia, with offices established all over the nation. By providing competitive prices on only the best height safety equipment, we achieve our goals of ensuring complete safety to our clients. We thrive on customer satisfaction and so, Height Safety Central aims to provide the most memorable online shopping experience to their customers by offering top-notch, high quality products with top-rated, ever convenient and friendly customer service. We specialize in sophisticated safety equipment; our products include Rope Access gear, Climbing gear, Confined Space Harness, Full body Harness for fall protection, Flame Retardant Harness for protection against flame, Mobile Anchor Points & Lifelines, Rope Fall Arrest Devices, Karabiners, Rescue kits, Rigging Gear and many more of the kind. The products by renowned and sought after brands like Ferno and Skylotec are also available in our stores. We also offer a wide variety of bags and accessories to help our customers carry their load. Our products are designed keeping in mind any situations or encounters construction workers may be involved in, during their work hours. Height Safety Central distributes products Australia Wide via a variety of different, reliable freight & courier companies. Our well put together team aims to grow our business and help it reach new heights (with the appropriate protective gear, of course!), every waking moment. By offering our customers only the best height safety gear there is, in the best price that can be anticipated; Height Safety Central offers cutting edge product packages.

We hope to be able to accommodate any height safety needs you may have, in the best way possible. We will have the gear sent out to you as soon as possible, following your order placement.



If you have any questions about our products or if you would like to check the availability of a particular item, we would love to be of service to you. Please go to the “Contact Us” page and get in touch OR send us an email with your queries at info@heightsafetycentral.com. Remember, you can never be too safe!