Ferno Evac Rescue Emergency Descent Kit - Mark Elephant HUB

Brand: Ferno


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Ferno Evac Rescue Descent Systems contains everything needed to self-rescue or evacuate one or two persons from towers, wind turbines, masts, high bay lift trucks, cranes or similar.

A controlled rate descent device with a hand-wheel, geared recovery mechanism provides lifting capabilities for either one or two person, self-rescue evacuation. The hand wheel can be operated/turned three way: via the perimeter of the wheel, via the pull out handle within the wheel or with a hand drill to the centre nut to facilitate faster ascent or descent reducing fatigue from manual operation.

Each kit contains 50m of 9.6mm kernmantle rope, Mark Elephant HUB device, Ferno Res-Q-Link Recovery Pole, 1500mm round & snake slings, 50kN Steel Triple Lock Karabiner & a Standard Rope Bag (100m)

• Supplied with 50 metres of 9.6 mm kernmantle rope that complies with EN 341:2001-1A and EN 1496:2007 B.
• Customised lengths up to 300 m can be supplied.
• Maximum load 225 kg

Kit Contents:

50m x 9.6mm Kernmantle Rope
1 x Heavy Duty Rope Bag
1 x Steel Triple Lock Karabiner
1 x Flat Snake Sling 30kN 50mm x 1500mm
1 x Round Sling 32kN 25mm x 1500mm
1 x Ferno Res-Q-Link Recovery Pole
1 x Mark Elephant HUB Emergency Descent & Rescue Device