Honor Hinged Confined Space Hanging Ladder

Brand: Ferno

Product Code: HSC-R301-001-001

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The Honor Confined Space Hinged Hanging Access Ladder pairs perfectly with the Honor Rescue Slide or Hanging Ladder FlangeClamp. Installation is external to the confined space and provides many advantages over rope ladders particularly in small diameter spaces.

Additional sections can be connected to a maximum length of 30m. Each 1 m aluminium ladder weighs 5 kg with a maximum one-person use.


  • Attachment - Locking Pins
  • Ladder Material - Aluminium
  • Ladder Section length - 1.15m
  • Ladder Width - 350 mm
  • Ladder Section Weight - 5 kg
  • Distance Piece Material - Polyacetal (POM)
  • Distance Piece Diameter - 200 mm
  • Capacity - One User