Honor Star Series Man-Riding Confined Space Rescue Winch

Brand: Ferno

Product Code: HSC-R010.015.100

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The Honor man riding winches MRW15 & MRW33 allow users to descend or hoist in a controlled manner. They have a double redundant braking mechanism with a back up Fall Arrest Brake. These winches are made using high-quality, corrosion-resistant parts. 


  • MRW15
  • Weight - 11.5kg
  • Cable length - 15 Meters
  • Cable Dia - 5mm Galvanised
  • MRW33
  • Weight - 19.5kg
  • Cable length - 33 Meters
  • Cable Dia - 5mm Galvanised


  • Maximum capacity - 150 kgs
  • Very low occurring fall forces
  • Gear ratio 5:1 (no power source required)
  • Modular quick-response fall arrest brake
  • Minimum fall arrest distance (braking distance)
  • Required winch force: approx. 10 daN at 150 kg
  • Automatic exit and rolling lifeline (deactivated winch)
  • STAR-series patented and modular appliance design
  • Integrated, manual winch function (hoisting and descending)
  • World leading fall arrest capture times with very low kN forces in a fall
  • Modular with all HONOR anchor points such as: HONORope® systems, tripod, TwinSleeve® davit, FlangeClamp® and TankClamp®
  • Built-In Fall Protection: free-wheel mode has a built-in overspeed brake with energy absorbing capacity (similar to SRL’s) which provides secondary fall protection 
  • Safety Hook: swivelling self-locking snap hook provides secure connection to the load and prevents cable from twisting for smoother operation (with non-resettable impact indicator enabling user to visually check to see if device has been impact-loaded)