Manual Winch for Ferno IndustriPOD and Arachnipod Tripods

Brand: Ferno

Product Code: APOD-W10

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The Ferno tripod rescue winch has been developed to fit the IndustriPOD, or the ArachniPOD system. The Rescue Winch utilises a Weston Brake System with steel gears, back up brake and is supplied with either 10, 20 or 25 meters length of 6mm cable. It works on a basic wind up, wind down principle.

The winch is rated to a WLL of 220 kg (with a 7:1 safety factor) and an ultimate tensile strength of 22kN . It is designed for a two person rescue or one person working and comes complete with a re-direct pulley.

The Type 2 Winch with Mount Bracket is a basic wind-up / wind-down mechanism with 6mm galvanised steel cble and steel screwgate karabiner. 

The  winch is available in 10m, 20m or 25m lengths.

Weight - 11.75kg (10M Version)