Rope Savers - Webbing with D-Rings 600mm - 1800mm

Brand: Ferno

Product Code: VARB-RS1500

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Ferno Webbing Rope Savers minimise damage to the tree or other attachment point and provide consistent friction on the climbing rope. 

Ferno Rope Savers are available in a variety of sizes and include two different sized steel rings connected to heavy duty, industrial rated polyester webbing.


  • VARB RS1500 - Rope Saver 1500 mm Red
  • VARB RS1800 - Rope Saver 1800 mm Yellow
  • VARB RS900 - Rope Saver 900 mm Red
  • VARB RS1200 - Rope Saver 1200 mm Blue
  • VARB RS600 - Rope Saver 600 mm Yellow