Skylotec Beamtac 2.0 Beam Anchor Adjustable 90mm - 380mm

Brand: Skylotec

Product Code: AP-075

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The BEAMTAC 2.0 mobile anchoring device from Skylotec is suitable for use as an attachment clamp for steel beams with a flange width of 90 to 380 millimetres and can be used for many different kinds of work in an industrial environment.

The easily adjustable clamping jaws ensure rapid and simple attachment to steel beams, whilst the multi-level safety system reliably prevents any unwanted movement or slipping during use.

The successor to the popular BEAMTAC is impressive thanks to its ergonomically optimised operating elements and safety benefits.  BEAMTAC 2.0 - essential for work in steel and industrial construction, as well as for all other types of plants with a suitable structure (steel beams).


  • Weight - 1.99Kg
  • Size - 490 x 75 x 109mm
  • Material - Alumnium