Skylotec Confined Space Entry Tripod Adjustable With Optional Tripod Bag

Brand: Skylotec

Product Code: AP-004 , ACS-0013

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The Skylotec Tripod is a multi-functional power house on three legs.
Receive a FREE Skylotec Tripod Carry Bag with your purchase of the Skylotec Tripod
Its many functions include but are not limited to handling loads & rescuing or lowering personnel.
A Carrying load of 300kg, the tripod can be used without being anchored into the ground. The material load capability can reach 500kg if used with a chain anchor.
The adjustable legs can be set in 8 different ways.
The standard steel head boasts an additional 3 anchoring points for loads up to 500kg.
Hoisting and fall arrest device can easily be taken off & put back on. 
With the addition of the Tripod Move Device (also available at, the Tripod can quickly & efficiently be upgraded to a mobile tripod making it a simple task to move heavy loads around or perform rescue techniques.
The Skylotec Confined Space Entry Tripod stands at a fully extended height of 1.75m