Skylotec HSG HK Plus Self Retracting Lifeline - Various Lengths

Brand: Skylotec

Product Code: HSG-AUS-050-03

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The HK PLUS SRL fall-arrest blocks from Skylotec stand for a high degree of freedom of movement along with a short fall distance, which makes these reliable fall arresters the ideal companions for many jobs at height.

The automatic rope retraction ensures that only the rope length actually required is extended. This means that the arrest distance is always as short as possible, whether the system is anchored overhead or applied horizontally.


  • Maximum vertical working weight up to 140kg
  • Edge suitability - The HK PLUS devices are suitable for edges without using additional energy absorbers, which makes them appropriate for horizontal use as well.
  • Fall indicator - The Carabiner has an integrated colour symbol to display a previous fall and indicates that the device needs to be checked.
  • Resistant materials: Synthetic housing integrates cutting-edge technology for an extended service life
  • Available Lengths - 3m - 6m - 10m - 15m