Skylotec Peanut Retractable Single Leg Lanyard

Brand: Skylotec

Product Code: HSG-AUS-021-1,8-8

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The Skylotec Ultra Compact Peanut Retractable Lanyards are equipped with Skylotec’s One-4-All shock absorber pack allowing it to be suitable for all weight classes.

The Skylotec Peanut Personal Fall Arrest Device's are sharp edge certified & designed to be suitable for horizontal fall arrest use. This retractable lanyard has a limitless amount of potential uses and is a must have for the person working at heights.


  • Shock absorbing lanyard
  • 50kg to 135kg rated load
  • 25mm retractable webbing
  • All Hardware Variants have a 16kN Gate Rating


  • HSG-AUS-021-1,8-4 - 2.27Kg
  • HSG-AUS-021-1,8-8 - 1 .63Kg
  • HSG-AUS-021-2,5-4 - 2.19Kg
  • HSG-AUS-021-2,5-8 -  1.75Kg
  • HSG-AUS-021-2,5-10 - 1.92Kg
  • HSG-AUS-021-2,5-11 -