T-Line Safety System - Lanyards/Fall Blocks/Slings, Fall Blocks

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T-Line's unique design means it can be used where traditional fall protection devices cannot. T-Line consists of a single unit housing with two separate lifelines on separate spools that work independently of each other. Similar to an inertia reel, the lifelines are self-retracting and self-locking. 

T-Line is typically set up in a triangular format and can cater for long spans up to 24 m end to end with no intermediate supports. This feature overcomes many engineering issues that are associated with more traditional single line systems.

In a fall situation, the two cables equalise to arrest the fall. This eliminates the pendulum swing and slide experienced with traditional systems. The T-Line system cables can be configured to bypass pipework or structures in a roof or reconfigured so the integrated rescue system can be adapted to a davit on a platform for rescue or confined space entry.

The T-Line is available in two versions: as a 12 m system and as a 24 m system.


The T-Line Safety System is ideal for a multitude of applications and industries including:
Truck and bus workshop bays
Rail maintenance bays
Heavy machinery maintenance
Tanker wash bays, repair and access
Truck wash and truck loading
Aviation, agriculture, construction and telecommunications
Conveyor belt safety
Platforms and walkways
For more applications, download the T-Line Safety Systems brochure.

Unprecedented freedom of movement in all directions - Horizontally and vertically from ground up and across multiple levels
Ability to bypass obstacles while still attached to the T-Line
Safe access where other systems can't - Work around overhead obstructions such as pipe lines, steel work, gantry cranes and possibly scaffold providing This is because in a fall event T-Line produces much lower forces on the supporting structure.
Extremely low fall arrest distance - Configure the T-Line to provide fall protection at low levels such as a flat bed truck
Multiple installation options - Each end can be mounted at different heights to accommodate sloping roofs, beams and structures
Quick and easy to install - The 12 m system requires no tensioning or adjusting and can be installed by the user. The 24 m system should be installed by a trained installer
Versatile - T-Line provides fall arrest, confined space entry and recovery all in one
Permanent or portable - Robust build and minimalist design means the T-Line is suitable as a permanent installation yet transportable and quick to install as a temporary solution
Faster rescue - the T-Line's integral rescue system enables the swift rescue of a worker without the rescuer having to gain access to the fallen user
Re-usable after a fall - T-Line can be serviced and re-used after a fall
Economical - T-Line's simple maintenance needs means its 10 year life cost is lower than comparable products

T-Line Safety System Size:

  • T-Line Safety System 12 m
  • T-Line Safety System 24 m
  • T-Line Safety System 12 m Lite (no Recovery Handle)
  • T-Line Beam Clamp
  • T-Line Clevis Anchor