Mechanical Concrete Anchor Kit - Roof Anchors / Ladder Brackets & Systems Roof Anchors

Brand: Ferno

Product Code: HS-RA CON16MM

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The Hi-Safe RA10 Anchor range is available in an array of base plates providing the user with an easy to install, permanently mounted anchor system for most roof structures.

The anchor attachment point sits high and proud providing the user with good clearance options. Each Hi-Safe RA10 Anchor has an individually identified serial number.

Full stainless steel construction
M12 eye bolt 120 mm
Easy installation
Supplied with purlin setting block and string applicator
*Must be used with a personal energy absorber and lanyard system. Any roof structure must be inspected by a competent person and deemed strong enough to yield the required forces prior to application. If in doubt consult an engineer for clarification.

Meets AS/NZS1891.4 anchorage requirements
Rated at 22 kN fall arrest for two person use